Friday, March 9, 2012

Experience Fun and Adventure Only in the Philippines

Colorful history, warm climate, pristine waters, breathtaking natural scenery, freedom-loving people, all in 7,107 islands, make the Philippines one of the most preferred travel destinations in the world. Even local tourists can definitely enjoy the natural beauty of the country, the people, and the culture. 

The Philippines is home to more than 90 million people living west of the Pacific Ocean. Part of the Southeast Asian region, the country offers more than just ordinary vacation to every tourist. There are also other interesting facts that can only be found or be experienced in the Philippines. 

The devotion of the Filipino people to the sport of basketball is undeniable. The people are so much acquainted of basketball. In almost every community, basketball courts exist. In the city, we can find lots of covered courts donated by politicians. In subdivisions, basketball courts are erected near clubhouses. In the provinces and the far-flung areas, basketball courts are also present. Sometimes, these are often used to dry agricultural grains and as venues for different events like political rallies and dance parties. 

Basketball serves as the national hobby of the Filipinos. In any part of a day, the young and the adults converge to basketball courts to showcase their skills to each other in playing basketball. The funny thing is that, bets also come in different varieties from ice cold water to money. Aside from the professional league, different amateur leagues are also organized in the different municipalities all throughout the country. It is also the most popular summer activity of students during school breaks. The bond between basketball and the Filipino culture is very evident in every aspect of the Philippine society. Compared to other cultures and other countries, this peculiar union is experienced only in the Philippines.       

Another sport that Filipinos love is boxing. Prior to the rise of the greatest boxer in history, in Manny Pacquiao, boxing has already been embraced in the Philippines. It is in this discipline that Filipinos excel, especially in international competitions. Filipino boxers often receive recognition because of the talent and bravery they possess in the ring. 

The main reason why boxing has achieved more fans in the past few years is due to the ascent of Manny Pacquiao. He is the most popular Asian and Filipino boxer to date. He has also gained strong following around the world because of his exciting style in the ring. The most interesting thing about Manny Pacquiao is that he is the only person who can make every Philippine street crime-free and traffic-free whenever he fights. Not even the President of the Republic of the Philippines can do what Pacman does in his scheduled fights. This kind of fanaticism can be found only in the Philippines.

September is the start of holiday season in the Philippines. As early as this month, decorations for the Christmas and New Year are all set. Sale events in different malls also start to populate the metropolis. Christmas carols and songs start to play by the radio and by the neighborhood. The season is capped by different Christmas parties with lots of foods and gifts. The longest holiday is spent only in the Philippines.

And who can’t forget the foods that the Philippines have. Foods in the country are a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, American, and Japanese cuisine. It becomes unique because the techniques are practiced in a local way. Who would have thought that one can prepare sweet spaghetti sauce or cook noodle dish with hotdogs? What about fried quail and duck eggs coated with an orange-colored batter before being fried, banana on a stick, and assorted rice cakes for snacks? Only Filipino taste and ingenuity can think of these ideas. Best foods are tasted only in the Philippines.

 The Philippines is really fascinating in many ways. Despite of the political turmoil and increasing commodity prices, the Philippines is still very much attractive and a cheaper alternative for a destination compared to other countries. For travelers, always expect a grand adventure every time you tour the Philippines. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines!  

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